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Pokémon GO Safety Tips

Playing Pokémon GO should be both safe and fun.  Here are some tips on how to stay safe while catching them all!

  • Stay Alert: This is the same advice the game gives you every time you log in.  It is important to be aware of potential physical hazards (such as cars, poles, holes, etc.), as well the people and situations around you.  This will keep you both safe and courteous to those around you.
  • Go with a Buddy: Having someone with you while you play means that there are more sets of eyes that can be aware of surroundings.  It also makes taking over that enemy team's Gym easier.
  • Use Extra Caution at Night: If you must hunt for that Drowzee late at night, stay extra alert and stick to areas where people tend to congregate.  There is more safety in numbers.
  • Vehicles and Videogames Don't Mix:  Whether you are driving, biking, or skateboarding, do not play.  You are more likely to hit someone or something if you are looking down at your phone.  That potential Pokémon is not the only out there and is not worth injuring yourself or others.
  • Do not Trespass: Remember, you don't have to be directly on top of a Pokémon to catch it.  As long as you can see the Pokémon on your screen you can tap it without the need to go onto someone's private property.

Stay safe out there trainers!

What is Pokémon?

Pokémon began as a Nintendo video game for the Game Boy in 1996.  The idea was for the player to capture, train, and battle creatures known as Pokémon.  The name Pokémon is a contraction of "Pocket Monster."  The game enjoyed enormous success which led to the creation of more video games, a popular trading card game, books, movies, and merchandise.

Pokémon has recently regained popularity with the release of a phone app called Pokémon GO.  This app allows users to "find Pokémon" in the real world using the phone's GPS and camera.  To catch a Pokémon, players must physically walk to the location of a Pokémon.  Players, also known as "trainers", can use various supplies to making catching Pokémon easier at Pokéstops, and battle their Pokémon to gain control of Pokémon Gyms.  The Pokéstops and Gyms are located at landmarks and points of interest.  Pokémon GO has enjoyed instant popularity with children and young adults who played the original Pokémon games in their youth.  There are also people of all ages and demographics who enjoy using the app to get out of their homes and explore new places.

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