Start Your Own Business

This guide will show you the eResources and books you can use to help find your target market, plan your business for success, navigate legal and financial hurdles, market your business effectively, and community resources.

Book a PRO: Business

Book a PRO can teach you how to use library resources to start or grow your own business.  Spend 30 minutes with our PRO and learn how to find useful small business information that will benefit your company.

Spaces @ OCLS

Need a space to create, collaborate, or converse with a client? The library has spaces you can utilize to plan and run your business. Some spaces are free and others range in cost. 

Visit Rooms & Studios for pictures and additional information, like locations, scheduling, and amenities. 

Getting Started


These electronic resources can help you get started! Use your library card to access them.

OCLS Courses - @ Your Library and Online

Reference Librarian

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Chat With Staff!


This guide is not intended to give legal or binding advice on creating your own business.  It is intended to be a helpful starting point highlighting resources the Library has that can help you to start and grow your business.  Find additional information/sources for advice by visiting our "Community Resources" tab.