Start Your Own Business

This guide will show you the eResources and books you can use to help find your target market, plan your business for success, navigate legal and financial hurdles, market your business effectively, and community resources.

It's About the Plan

Now that you've done your research, it's time to write a business plan. It is one of the most important considerations when starting or expanding a business. A business plan will help you focus on exactly what your successful business will look like. 

Elements of your business plan will include the legal structure of the business and the type of business, for example merchandising, retail, or service - to list a few. Business plans are also vital when pitching your business to financiers and securing funding.

Time to Write a Business Plan!

Business Plans Handbook (online resource) - Real Plans that WORK

This set of electronic books contains samples of business plans for various types of businesses that have actually worked. Written by small business owners, these plans will help you design your business plan. New plans are added monthly. Browse this database from home using your library card.

If you'd rather see the physical set, visit the Orlando Public Library's Reference collection. Business Plans Handbook R 658.4 BUS (1995).

Financial Considerations While Writing Your Plan

Small business entrepreneurs may also need to consult books about small business finance while developing their business plan.  

The Library has resources such as financial ratios and industry surveys to help you get started.

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