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hoopla Flex Borrows 

Beginning Wednesday, January 27, Flex Borrows will be available in hoopla in addition to the current Instant Borrows. 

What are Flex Borrows?

  • Flex Borrows are one copy/one user
  • About 2000 titles are in the Flex Borrow collection at this time- a mix of ebooks and audiobooks
  • Customers can borrow up to 5 Flex Borrows at one time
  • Customers can have up to 10 holds on Flex Borrows at one time
  • Customers will be notified by email when their hold is available for checkout
  • Flex Borrows are checked out for 21 days
  • Flex Borrows can be renewed if there are not holds on the title
  • Flex Borrow checkouts are concurrent and do NOT count against Instant Borrow checkout counts
  • Under "Borrow Type", you can choose "Flex" or "Instant" to narrow your search.
  • All Flex Borrows are indicated by arrows while Instant Borrows have a lightning bolt

hoopla Setup

Create an account with email & password; choose library system; add Library card & PIN. Apps available for Android & iOS devices.  Streaming needs strong wi-fi. Apps allow temporary download of content.

hoopla Checkouts

  • 10 total checkouts / month across all formats. 

  • Audiobooks, EBooks & Comics – 21 day checkout  

  • Music – Albums 7 day loan period; 2 loans per title/30 days 

  • Videos – Checkout for 3 days; unlimited viewing during loan period. 

  • Always available except - Music 2 checkouts/title/30 days and OCLS Daily Lending Limit; resets daily at 12 AM.  
  • Early returns does not increase monthly checkout limit. 

hoopla Help

You can log directly into to hoopla's website. There is a decent help section.

Direct help email:

hoopla Features

My Hoopla - current loans; remaining checkouts; recommended titles;  

  • Favorites; and History. Browse by content type.  

  • Choose tab for Recommended, Featured, Popular or Categories. Filter by Sort Order, Audience, Released, or Exclude.  Simple keyword search.  


New compatibilities: Amazon Alexa devices, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast Ultra 


  • Audiobooks, Books & Comics – Fiction & Nonfiction; Children, Teens, Adults.  

  • Music—Full albums. Many genres to browse. New content added weekly. 

  • Videos—TV shows, feature films, documentaries, foreign and more.