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Kanopy News

On November 1st, Kanopy will be changing from play credits to a new ticket system. Instead of receiving play credits, each user will now receive a set number of tickets each month. Our current ticket allotment was set by Kanopy at 15 tickets per user per month.

 Every title will be labeled with a ticket value and viewing window. Next to the play button, users will see how many tickets a title will use and how long they will have access to it. This will help them determine how to use their tickets and ensure they have enough time to enjoy a title before pressing play.

Ticket-free content will be labeled as 0 tickets.

90% of the film collection will use 2 tickets and provide 72 hours of access.

Episodic content (ex. Great Courses, BBC series) is tiered based on the total running time per season. The ticket value and viewing period will be clearly labeled so users know that they are getting an entire bingeable season for the ticket value.

Users will see a pop-up on our library's Kanopy website and in the app that explains the new ticket system.

Kanopy Setup

Register with name, email and password or link your account with Your Facebook or Google account. Can be accessed with any device including Roku, iOS and Android apps.

Kanopy Checkouts

Fifteen tickets per month. 90% of the film collection will use 2 tickets and provide 72 hours of access.

Kanopy Help

Kanopy Features

More than 26,000 titles. Many documentaries, indie and foreign films, classics, instructional videos. Can create watchlists and playlists.  All films have public performance rights.

Kanopy also has The Great Courses.