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OCLS Marketing: Marketing

Marketing Plan

Monthly Customer Talking Points



Story Gathering (Message all month): 
“I’ve placed a story gathering card in your book. If you’d like to participate, there is a question prompt on the card. Just return it here at the counter or return it with your materials.” 
“Would you like to participate in our story gathering project? Stories help us with our annual fundraising and marketing efforts.” 
“Has the library been particularly helpful for you? You might be interested in participating in our story gathering initiative. Here’s a story card for you to think about.” 

Story Gathering (Message all month): 
“Would you like to participate in our story gathering project? Here’s a card with a story prompt to get you started. If you’d like to share more, please fill out the contact information on the back.” 

About Talking Points  

To enhance our customer service efforts, Marketing and Public Relations will provide monthly talking points which will include a ‘Leave a Footnote’ suggestion. Our hope is that unified messaging will lead to a stronger message. While your frontline staff will naturally be key to the success of this initiative, all staff are encouraged to participate. We’ve provided the talking points in script form, but it is not necessary to memorize it as a script, in fact the talking points will be more effective in the staff member’s own words. 
The first three points are meant for conversation during interactions. ‘Leave a Footnote’ is your parting message or, as it is sometimes called, an upsell. When you’re at a fast-food restaurant and the server asks: ‘Would you like fries with that?’ That’s an upsell. 
Additionally, we hope this can be a great resource for staff to use as talking points for the Monthly Mystery Shopper program. 
For questions about the talking points, please contact Andrea Jackson in MPR at x7600. 


Orange County Library System Marketing Plan

Story Gathering Assets

Learn. Grow. Connect.

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The constant and ongoing endeavor to gather as much knowledge as we can.


The noble desire to be the best person you can be.


While you pursue these efforts, your community provides support and you return support in kind.