Writing a Research Paper

Finding Online Articles

Most college libraries provide access to online databases of academic articles. The Orange County Library System also provides access to some article databases.  Use the links below to find sources for your paper.

Citation Manuals

Citing sources can be confusing without a guide, especially if each professor wants you to use a different styles.  These books give examples of the proper formats for all of the sources you may come across.

Finding and Citing Research Sources

Finding good, reliable sources will help you establish a foundation on which to support your thesis. When you choose a source for your paper, remember to document it correctly for your works cited list or bibliography. Use the guides and manuals in this section to help you with this task.

A+ Research and Writing: Step by Step

Step 4 of this guide created by the Internet Public Library will help you when you are ready to gather sources for your paper. Also, check out step 5 for help with forming your thesis statement.

Purdue OWL: Research and Citation Overview

This is a helpful guide to starting the research process from the Purdue OWL. Review each of the linked articles to learn about the differences between online and print sources, primary research, citation formats, and more.

Reference Librarian

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