OCLS Resource Guides

The librarians of Orange County are here to help. These guides cover a variety of topics for your information and cultural interests. Each guide comes equipped with pathways to excellent resources from OCLS and others. Just click to get started!


Featured Resource Guides

Finding and Evaluating Information

With a world of information at our fingertips, the ability to locate and discern reliable information sources is essential. Learn how to search for and evaluate information using the library and other resources.

Featured Databases

Peterson's Career Prep

This database will help with career tools to help find a profession, skills training required, and expectations of a selected career path. You can also create a resume and cover letter, and find advice on career changes, interviewing, and salary negotiations. You can download created resumes into a PDF format.

Weiss Financial Ratings

This database gives you powerful tools to protect your finances, invest, grow your wealth, and learn more about your finances. Features include information on Insurance, Medigap Plans, Mutual Funds, Consumer Guides, and more.

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