Convention Season 2021

CosPlay Tips

Cosplay (short for costume play) has been a staple of fan conventions since their inception.  Cosplayers share their love of fandoms by creating and wearing costumes inspired by their favorite characters.  Join in the fun with these cosplay tips!

Comic-Con@Home (San Diego, July 22-25)

Comic-Con one of the largest and most well known conventions in the country.  This summer the event will be held virtually.  Don't miss out on the latest news about the event.

Tampa Bay Comic Con (Tampa Bay, July 30-August 1)

Meet celebrity guests, hear the latest news from industry professionals, and find exclusive merchandise at the Tampa Bay Comic Con.

Otakon (Washington DC, August 6-8)

Okaton is one of the largest Anime conventions in the US.  It features artists, voice actors, cosplayers, and more.

Megacon (Orlando, August 12-15)

Megacon is a large convention right here in Orlando that focuses on pop culture, comics, science fiction, anime, and more.  Find out more information and get your ticket below.

Dragoncon (Atlanta, September 2-6)

DragonCon is one of the largest multigenre conventions in North America with thousands attending every year.  Celebrity guests, famous cosplayers, and industry professionals will all be in attendence.  Check out the links below to find out more.

Gen Con (Indianapolis, September 16-19)

Gen Con focuses on the game industry and hosts industry insiders, artists, new merchandise, and social gaming.  This year the event will include a mix of in-person and online events.

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Essential Convention Gear

Don't find yourself unprepared at the convention, bring the essentials with you!

  • Water and snacks: You can buy these at the convention, but if you want to be cost effective these are a good idea.
  • Bag for your swag: You never know what what you will find that you need.  Make sure that you check the convention website for any bag restrictions before entering the event.
  • Comfortable shoes: You will be walking and standing a lot so you will want to be comfortable.
  • Cash: Most vendors will accept credit cards, but having cash on had is a good idea in case they do not.
  • Phone charger: Taking pictures of all the amazing things at the convention will drain your battery quickly.
  • Emergency mending kit and Band-aids: These are essential for cosplayers to repair any damage to your costume and to prevent painful blisters.