Convention Season 2023

CosPlay Tips

Cosplay (short for costume play) has been a staple of fan conventions since their inception.  Cosplayers share their love of fandoms by creating and wearing costumes inspired by their favorite characters.  Join in the fun with these cosplay tips!

Learn To Create At OCLS

Learn to create your own costumes for your next cosplay event by taking sewing classes at the library or use the Melrose Center Fab Lab to create amazing props and accesories.

New York Comic Con (October 12-15)

New York Comic Con is one of the largest comic conventions on the East Coast.  Check out the links below for details.

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Essential Convention Gear

Don't find yourself unprepared at the convention, bring the essentials with you!

  • Water and snacks: You can buy these at the convention, but if you want to be cost effective these are a good idea.
  • Bag for your swag: You never know what what you will find that you need.  Make sure that you check the convention website for any bag restrictions before entering the event.
  • Comfortable shoes: You will be walking and standing a lot so you will want to be comfortable.
  • Cash: Most vendors will accept credit cards, but having cash on had is a good idea in case they do not.
  • Phone charger: Taking pictures of all the amazing things at the convention will drain your battery quickly.
  • Emergency mending kit and Band-aids: These are essential for cosplayers to repair any damage to your costume and to prevent painful blisters.
  • Masks:  To prevent the spread of COVID-19, some conventions are recommending masks and/or prior vaccination when attending their event.  Check the official website of your convention, and sign up for updates, so that you are aware of any health and safety policies.