Haitian Heritage Month

May is Haitian Heritage Month! Peruse our resource guide to learn about and celebrate the rich culture, history, and people from Haiti.

Learn Kreyòl!


Language Basics

The basics to learning any language starts with the alphabet and corresponding letter sounds. 

Haitian Creole (or Kreyōl) is mostly based on the French language, but there are differences in how some words are pronounced and spelled. 

Folklore and Fairy Tales

Did You Know?

  • ... adopted in 1904, the Haitian National Anthem, "La Dessalinienne," was named for General Jean-Jacques Dessalines; a prominent figure in the Haitian Revolution?
  • ... the island Haiti and the Domincan Republic share is home to Liguus virgineus, commonly known as the candy cane snail?

Image Credit: Canva

  • ... the concept of zombies originated in Haiti's traditional beliefs and are rooted in ancient African lore?