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Early Voting Locations

Ten OCLS Branch locations will host early voting for the 2024 Presidential Preference Primary Election, Primary Election, and General Election. 

Presidential Preference Primary Election: March 4-17, 2024 (10 am – 6 pm) 

Primary Election: August 5-18, 2024 (9 am – 7 pm) 

General Election: October 21-November 3, 2024 (8 am – 8 pm) 


Alafaya Branch 

Chickasaw Branch 

Fairview Shores Branch 

Hiawassee Branch 

South Creek Branch 

Southeast Branch 

Southwest Branch 

Washington Park Branch 

West Oaks Branch 

Winter Garden Branch 


In addition, Southwest will serve as a polling location for assigned precincts on Election Day. 

Presidential Preference Primary Election Day: March 19 (10 am – 6 pm) 

Primary Election Day: August 20, 2024 (9 am – 7 pm) 

General Election Day: November 5, 2024 (8 am – 8 pm) 

(These times and dates are subject to change should an order be given by the Governor of Florida or Judicial Court Order.) 


Library services will only be available to customers during standard operating hours at each location.

Voting Information Websites

Peruse these websites and locate information on where and when to vote.

Information for Decision Making Websites

Investigate these websites and follow the money on campaign contributions or verify statements made by people in politics.

Florida Politics Blogs

Get information about Florida politics and leave your own comments too. You can use multiple sources to find out all of the issues that affect Floridians. Here are a couple of political blogs from major newspapers from around the state.